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bespoke ARt coMMissions

iMAGine / AnythinG

We take on all manner of bespoke art commissions. Produce your very own one-of-a-kind and become the sole owner of this piece of art. There are limitless possibilities to what can be created.

bespoke ARt coMMissions

MAke youR ideAs A ReAlity

We are here if you are looking to have a new piece of art created for your space, or you need us to help bring your vision to life.

bespoke art commissions customise your space house of author

Customise Your Space

Art should be an expression of who you are. It should make your space feel like home, and reflect your unique taste and style.

bespoke art commissions entice your audience house of author

Entice Your Audience

Create a unique visual identity that reflects your personality and values.

bespoke art commissions make your statement house of author

Make Your Statement

Art is a form of self-expression or a way to communicate with others. Whatever the reason, it is an important part of our lives and cultures.

bespoke ARt coMMissions

hARold cohen

The creator of AARON, a computer program designed to produce art autonomously.

“We are in the process of coming to terms with the fact that “intelligence” no longer means, uniquely, “human intelligence.”

bespoke ARt coMMissions

you ARe the sole oWneR

Imagine the thrill in owning a piece of art designed just for you, using your words, your ideas and your creativity.

bespoke art commissions dachshund house of author

Choose the Quantity

When it comes to choosing the right quantity, think about the size of the project, the type of material you’re using and your budget.

bespoke art commissions exclusive ownership house of author

Exclusive Ownership

As the exclusive owner of the original artwork, you have the right to determine how it is used and reproduced.
bespoke art commissions car house of author

Create Variant from One Idea

Take one idea and create several different variations of it. This allows you to explore different aspects of your topic.

bespoke ARt coMMissions

scAle youR iMAGinAtion to Any diMension

We scale your art to any dimension to be pressed on the highest quality material.

Choose the Size

There’s no need to be limited by the traditional dimensions and sizes of illustrations. With digital illustration, you can create any size want.

Large-Scale Art

There are many benefits to having large-scale art, including the ability to make a bold statement, create a focal point, and add interest and intrigue.

A Range of Media

Choosing the right medium is essential to creating successful art. Consider the purpose, the target audience, and the overall tone.

bespoke ARt coMMissions

the lAtest innoVAtions

We are at the forefront of art, using our innovative ideas and digital tools to create magnificent creations ranging from traditional paintings to contemporary installations.

One-Of-A-Kind Art

Limited Only By Imagination

Made For The Physical World

Created At Any Scale

Toxin-Free, Water-Based Eco-Inks

Sustainably-Sourced Materials

get stARted

If you have a vision, House of Author can help.