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Herd In The City 2023

sculptuRe ARt tRAil

For over eight weeks between July and September; Southend, Shoeburyness and Leigh will be brought to life by a herd of beautifully decorated elephants.

Following the success of our Hares About Town trail in 2021, Havens Hospices will be teaming up once again with Wild in Art in 2023, bringing public art to the City of Southend that will leave a lasting impression.

Elephants was chosen as the representative as they are eye-catching, have a caring nature and they live within herds that work as a collective within their own community.

The art trail is completely free to follow and gives you the chance to become a tourist for the day.

Herd In The City 2023


Our first concept for Herd In The City 2023 is inspired by Bauhaus, which was a revolutionary school of art, architecture and design established by Walter Gropius at Weimar in Germany in 1919.

Bauhaus was an artistic movement that embraced design in many forms. In modern times still being closely associated with architecture, it connected all forms of art and design through the social fusion of art with life.

The astonishing influence Bauhaus has in contemporary society has left its lasting legacy on architecture, art, furniture, weaving and even typography.

Herd In The City 2023

día de los Muertos

This concept for Herd In The City 2023 derives from the global holiday of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Day of the Dead is a 2-day celebration where it is believed that the passageway between the real world and the spirit world is open for deceased loved ones to come back and visit.

Today’s festivities have morphed over the years to become the distinct tradition it is now. Flowers, altars, food, and music are all integral parts of the holiday.

The skulls that are prominent nowadays originate from the 19th century when cartoonist and social activist José Guadalupe Posada drew La Catrina to protest the Mexican people’s desire to look more European. La Catrina has become one of the biggest symbols of Day of the Dead with people painting their faces with skulls and flowers.

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