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Southend Luminocity 2023

festiVAl of liGht

Southend Luminocity 2023 will bring 10 awe-inspiring light installations that transforms Southend’s iconic landmarks and invite the community to experience the city in a new light.

In 2022, incredible figures show that over 200,000 people attended the event across the 3 days with social media content gaining a total reach of 965,000.

The aim for 2023’s spectacular event is to work with local, emerging light artists to produce unique light installations that will wow the festivalgoers and showcase creative talent in the city.

Southend Luminocity 2023

ouR bRiGht ideA

What is one of the first recognisable traits you think of when Southend seafront is mentioned? One element that comes into mind for us were the beach huts.

For Southend Luminocity 2023, we want to create 7 beach huts constructed out of recycled plastic bottles with the synergy of energy and use of light showing through the transparent material. Beach huts have always been truly a highlight for visitors when they take a walk down the seafront.

The infrastructure is robust as beach huts can already withhold the weather every night. So, if it does happen to rain like 2022’s event, it can provide shelter but still retain interaction for visitors to sit in and capture memories with their friends and family.

Southend Luminocity 2023

southend & sustAinAbility

We wanted to use this opportunity to discuss the environmental impacts, making the installation both entertaining and educational in a family-friendly way. The coloured lights would be blue and purple to represent the colour scheme of the Southend Luminocity 2023 branding.

According to Eunomia, 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year resulting in the deaths of thousands of marine creatures. Lauren Cosson from Essex Wildlife Trust has stated that on the Essex coastline each year, there’s 150 plastic bottles per mile throughout its 350 mile coastline.

For construction, we want to discuss with local centres to source materials from Southend in order to utilise the waste found in an innovative, artistic way that brings the community together. After the festival, the materials will be disposed of appropriately. Perhaps collaborating with a local company that uses recycled materials to make products to ensure our project has another use within its life.

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